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Equisetopsida (Horsetailes)

      Equisetopsida, or Sphenopsida, is a class of plants with a fossil record going back to the Devonian. They are commonly known as horsetails. Living species typically grow in wet areas, with needle-like leaves radiating at regular intervals from a single vertical stem. The Equisetopsida were formerly regarded as a separate division of spore plants and also called Equisetophyta, Arthrophyta or Sphenophyta; today they have been recognized as rather close relatives of the typical ferns (Pteridopsida) and form a specialized lineage of the Pteridophyta.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equisetopsida


Annularia stellata ZŠ317
Annularia stellata ZŠ39
Asterophyllites longifolius ZŠ197

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