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Lycopodiopsida (Mosses)

      Lycopodiopsida is a class of plants often loosely grouped as the fern allies. Traditionally the group included not only the clubmosses and firmosses, but also the spikemosses (Selaginella and relatives) and the quillworts (Isoetes and relatives). However, the latter are now usually separated off into a separate class, Isoetopsida. Clubmosses are thought to be structurally similar to the earliest vascular plants, with small, scale-like leaves, homosporous spores borne in sporangia at the bases of the leaves, branching stems (usually dichotomous), and generally simple form. The Class Lycopodiopsida as interpreted here contains a single living order, the Lycopodiales, and a single extinct order, the Drepanophycales. Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lycopodiopsida

Interrupted Clubmoss
Credit: http://www.biolib.cz/en/taxonimage/id12540/


Barrandeina dusliana XA264
Barrandeina dusliana XA258
Barrandeina dusliana XA256

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