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Craniiformea (Craniiforms)

      Craniata (= Craniforma or Craniiformea) is a class of Brachiopod originating in the Cambrian and still extant today. They have calcitic inarticulated shells that are subcircular in outline. This subphylum of brachiopod has an unsupported lophophore and is always attached to a hard substrate in the fossil record. This hard substrate is usually another brachiopod. The plicae from the host brachiopod will then appear in the shell of the craniata.Craniata is the only class of brachiopods (lamp shells) from the subphylum Craniformea. This class is further broken into three orders. One of the orders is still living (the Craniida). Craniata is another name for the Craniforma, but this is presently avoided due to the group of chordates bearing the same name.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craniiformea


Craniiformea Williams et al., 1996 PB858
Petrocrania zukalovae FF315
Petrocrania zukalovae FF314
Petrocrania zukalovae FF313
Ptychopeltis incola MŠ1903
Ptychopeltis PB751

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