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      In this part of the Virtual Museum you can make a search for photographs of interesting exhibits of our paleontological collections, that are classified according to the modern paleozoological and paleobotanical systems. You can possibly also find out more detailed pieces of information on exhibits you are specially interested on.
It is to be supposed that this Virtual Museum might properly complete the geology education on universities, high- and secondary schools. Therefore, modified paleontological system, published in the university textbook by Prof. Kvaček, was used (The Principles of Systematic Paleontology I., Karolinum Press, 2000). However, in some details this published system was a little bit simplified and/or modified here in order to facilitate a search for entries. Our modified version also fits in with established conventions.

Our effort could not have been completed without the support of many colleagues, especially J. Kříž, Š. Manda, R. Vodrážka, S. Čech, Z. Šimůnek, S. Berkyová and J. Frýda (Czech Geological Survey), R. Mikuláš and P. Štorch (Czech Academy of Science), and P. Kraft and O. Fatka (Charles University) who helped us especially with identification of some specimens, with gathering of as much as possible reference and substantially improved the collection databases and information system. The building of the Virtual Museum have been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic project No. VaV DE08P04OMG002.

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